A time and finance tracking tool for collaborating freelancers.

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Working with another freelancer? Pendium helps you get paid.

Collaborating Freelancers form teams called Partnerships to work on projects together. When a Client pays a team invoice through Pendium, each freelancer is paid independently in an even split.

John Appleseed
Harriet Thomas
Administration 6:19
Designing Icons 3:14
PHP Development 4:30
Illustrations 5:44

Quick and simple time tracking.

Recording the time you spend on your projects is built into Pendium. With one click, Pendium allows you to quickly record time on any given task.

See a beautiful overview of all payments and bills.

See every aspect of income and expense, plan ahead with the data you need to make informed decisions about your freelance business.

Easy and beautiful invoices with real-time updates.

Create beautiful invoices with one click. Clients can pay online so that you get paid fast. If you have a partner than the invoice is automatically split without extra work or hazel on your part. Pendium make getting paid easy.